Friday, February 12, 2010

Hay demasiado laburo...para la gente (Too much work for the people)

So, yesterday was amazing. Members came to visit us in San Clemente, which is super normal, most of the attendance includes people on vacations, but yesterday was amazing. The Second Counselor from Aldo Bonzi came with his wife and other members from that ward. And "that ward" is the ward of Jill. It was awesome to read scriptures with them and to hear of her success in BAW.

Today we went all the way to Pinemar for our zone activity and played soccer and volleyball. It was kinda cool. It's a long two and a half hour trip there and back. We had like a couple hours to play is all, but that was the first zone activity I've had the whole time I've been here on the coast. So, we had to go. In the morning on the way we didn't have seats. We just stood the whole time. It was a really nice "micro" (bus) with way cold AC. I was so dead tired. The Elders from Dolores came and stayed the night and are staying here again tonight because we have district meeting together tomorrow morning as a zone. We travel so much on the coast. It burns a big hole in the pocket, and noone feeds us because there aren't very many members. The end of the month is always brutal. By the way, other members from Buenos Aires came and actually did feed us. It was awesome! A way cool family. I wish they lived here in San Clemente. He made us pizza and instead of crust or whatever, it was chicken and meat. They make everything into pizza down here but it was good. I'm losing my mind, I don't know if that was this week or last week, but whatever. Oh, and I made cheese cake from a little packet thing this week to break the family fast after eating Mongolian Beef. Me and my comp are basically chefs now after cooking every single day and having Peruvians in our zone telling us how to make delectable dishes :) Tonight, we're going to split us with the Dolores Elders. We have a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with a member family who's bringing a family to come listen. Re piola no? (Cool, right?)

Freak, this week it rained so dang hard the streets were flooded!!! The terminal where all the micros (buses) come in was shut down because the buses were getting stuck in the huge, wet puddles because of the sandy streets. It was rad though. It gets chilly on some nights, kinda like a Lake Powell thing going on with the Mar (sea) being so close, which is so nice. I'm pretty sure I'm heading back to the "real" mission next week at transfers. We'll see what happens, but I'm almost 99% sure. But then, when have I ever been right about transfers?! But seriously. Me voy. (I'm going). I'll be excited to see friends like Schupple and Velasquz. I miss those fools! I miss you guys. Hope things are going well. I don't have time to read everyone's emails, but I love you and hope that things work out well with the family fast. I think we should do that on a regular basis, esp. with Big D and Veener being missionaries too now and all. (Trying to out do me or something)? This will make my second transfer without a baptism. That blows, but man is the work hard right now on the coast. Everyone's strugglin...stupid Satan! But, I'm happy so no worries. Hopefully the Valentines dude comes and visits you. Is there even a dude that is supposed to come or is mom just super nice and buys us a gift and puts it on the door step, rings the door bell and runs in the garage? Did I say "mom"? I meant some "anonymous" person. I'll miss out on that this year, but I have received more than I deserve in packages and shhhtuff. But, I love you all and hope you're reading and praying and of course going to church. Obvio! Remember, it's like a golf swing. If your grip, stance, or posture get off. Fuiste! Your swings jacked. We think we're doing something crazy weird, but it's all in the basics. Without them, we get thrown off course. Well, I'll keep praying for you guys. But alright, I got to bounce. Me tengo que ir. Hay familias que me estan esperando. Espero...les amo mucho. Que les vaya muy bien esta semana. (I have to go. There are families waiting for me. I hope. I love you alot. Have a great week.)

P.S. March madness is coming up next month. That makes me "trunkier" than Christmas, but anyways, I'm already thinkin' of a family fast for the Cougs! Dale! (What do you say?) I know Grandma Whetman has already agreed with me!

Love your son, or brother, or brother in law, or friend o como sea (or whatever)

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