Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain rain, go away...

Hey family,
Wow...what a crazy week it's been. I have so much to say so we'll just see how much I can get out! It's hard trying to remember everything. First of all, I love hearing about all of the blessings that our family has received. I'd like to add to those. We are teaching the Gospel to people that are actually progressing!!! I forgot what that was like. It's amazing! I can't tell you how much better that makes the mission experience. I couldn't imagine being on a mission in a place where people just say "no" every stinkin' day. We had some sweet lessons this week. Really spiritual and I feel like we are really teaching with love and authority. We're not beating around the bush. I don't know why, but I feel so confident teaching our investigators and I already have so much love for them. I want to do everything I can so that they progress. We have a FAMILY fyi! I can't wait to baptize a complete family! I've been waiting for that my whole mission. Finally, a spouse that wants to progress. It's amazing! They went to Church this last week, fortunado (fortunately). He and his wife Adrian. They have two little girls that loved the church as well. Also, another family showed up that we didn't even think would ever come. A mom and her daughters. We need "sacerdotes" (priesthood holders) here though. 5 more and we'll be a ward. I came back to a rama (branch) but it's okay because there are actually more than 5 members! My area is so not convenient. We have to walk like 5 blocks just to the nearest chino market. It's like a 30 minute bus ride into Varela. The streets are all dirt. It kind of reminds me of El Jaguel, but only with less people. Not the best lookin' place, but I LOVE it! We got caught up in the biggest rain storm ever this last week and then again today. I'm shivering right now. I'm soaked! We played soccer today for P Day and an Elder Nalder, poor kid, broke his ankle. It was so nasty. The bone was almost coming out of the skin. I guess we probably should'nt have been playing soccer in the pouring rain but it's hard just watching a P day go by without doing anything. Plus, it was fun until that happened. The A P's had to come and get him because ambulances here, well, we're in Argentina. He was tough though...didn't even cry.

So, anyways, oh yeah, Angela and her daughter Beatriz are amazing and are going to get baptized this transfer. We had such a great lesson with them. They love the Church. She said at the start that she likes everything about it except baptism. But, by the end of our conversation, she agreed to pray and ask if she should get baptized. She didn't come to Church though, probably because of the roads. My shoes just collect so much mud. I feel like I walk around with bricks strapped on my feet. Plus, I have some gnarly holes that just get filled up with rocks and mud. Oh, by the way, my other SD card with over 1,000 fotos on it is jacked as well. So pray that some computer geek can fix it because if not, I'll lose fotos from the whole mission.

Elder Taoaelli is training a kid from Utah. He's the funniest kid ever. I've never heard a kid complain so much in my life, but it's all in fun. He makes me laugh so hard. He's just a funny kid. My comp is cool too. He's so humble, which is nice. And, he's super fresh, only on his second transfer so he's got a bunch of faith and stuff. It's funny because even though he's from South America, he doesn't understand a lot because of all the slang that is spoken here. He always asks me "what"? I've had a lot of compliments from this branch about my speaking. Some guy asked if I was Argentine on Sunday. But, I'm sure he just says that to every elder. I already had to talk in Sacrament meeting on mission work. It was cool because Lucas Gonzalez, (crazy eyes) served as a mini missionary here with Elder Bravo two transfers ago. He was from the family in Solano that we re-activated. So, I was able to share that story and talk about how much the members really do help us in the work.

So, things are going well as of now. We're doing good. Happy. Working hard and TEACHING people! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. I'll try and send some pics but last week it wouldn't let me.
Well anyways, Chaucito, hasta la proxima!
Elder Rice

P.S. I can't wait to go to your new branch mom and dad and help you guys out there. That's not for a long time, but boy am I already excited! It's going to be great! I love the Church, and Spanish and my family!

Some very good Peruvian food

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