Monday, February 1, 2010

Older pics with newer news...

Hey Family,
So, we'll start with the good news. This last weekend some guys came and worked on fixing our water problems. They changed out the whole tank. The old one was so nasty! The bottom was so bad that I can't believe we're still alive for using that water! We have a plastic water tank now that's huge! The last one was cement...and just way, way nasty. All the pipes were way dirty and plugged up from all the dirty ness so the guy has to come back and clean them out tomorrow. He gave us a good thought though...if we want to relate this to the gospel, which we do. He said that sometimes we have to suffer for a little bit to feel the blessings after. He was talking about water, but we could use that in our lives relating it to the Gospel and our trials. So, there ya go, but now we do have water which makes life that much easier. I was dying without showering. We did intercombios with the Zone Leaders this last week so I took full advantage of using their shower. It's so weird to take a shower with water pressure. It's amazing! The little things we take for granted, no?! But, anyways, the Fitch's brought the mail down for us. They drove all the way down here just to give us our mail. They're amazing! Yes mom, I got your package and that envelope you sent me for Valentine's Day, which I believe is this month sometime. But thanks so much. I loved the pictures of Troy and Laynie and of you guys. They've grown up so much since last year. I'm praying for Troy. He's so awesome! Laynie is freakin cute. I can't wait until she brings me candy from the candy drawer to give to her. She's funny. I can totally tell. I can see it in her eyes.

I'll be happy to fast this week with our family for Fast Sunday. I wish I could go to the Temple as well, even if it was here in Buenos Aires. But as you know, that's impossible since it's closed for remodeling. I can't wait to go through the Temple again. Too bad it won't happen during the mission though. We used to go once every 4 transfers, but oh well. I'll have like a billion Temples to go to when I get back. We're so lucky and blessed to live in Utah with water and good water pressure...oh yeah, and being surrounded by Temples!

To answer your question mom, no Elder Zivic was not here for Church this week. He left last Thursday. It was so cool to meet him. And our recent converts...well Yanina is doing awesome and super active as is her mom who was re activated. Claudia and Milagros are doing alright. She came to Church yesterday which was a surprise because she's been working 24/7 and can't come to Church. She used to come to Sacrament and then bounce but she hasn't even been doing that until yesterday. We have a cita with her tomorrow so we'll see what's up. Supposedly she smoked again. (Chismes (gossip) from members) but I sure hope not. Her daughter is awesome. She used to come without her mom but has faulted the last couple of weeks until yesterday.

Well, I love you all and love hearing from you. Thanks for the support and emails. You said you wanted me to be specific to ask for things to fast for...I'm doing just fine. Fast for the family. Just keep me in your prayers like I do for you guys.

P.S. Here are some ancient pics from the Christmas party slash baptism slash cualquiera...(whatever).
Disfrutensenlas (Enjoy)!
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