Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey, anyone going my way?

This is the pench where Gavin lived in San Clemente. The Elder's live above, the Church is below.

Hey family,
So this week was amazing! I had a really neat experience, but before I forget, dad I figured out that 8 gig card so hopefully that will help out the picture virus problem I've been having. I heard from Elder Nalder. I'm glad he's doing good. I hope he gets back soon. (Elder Nalder broke his ankle playing soccer on P-day).
Anyway, my area is kind of out in the boonies. We're like 30 minutes from the nearest train station. I did intercombios this week with my district and the zone leaders. So Elder Harris, (not my son o sea (in other words) not the one I trained) but our zone leader rather, we found a guy that works in my old area in Quilmes 3. We walked back to his house out in the boonies with him to an abandoned house that he's lived in for 10 years. It had the most wasps you've seen in your life, and butterflies and cocoons and all that jazz. The grass was taller than me. We asked him for his phone number and he told us he hasn't even had electricity for the past 7 years, nor water. He showed us how he collects rain and drinks it! Freak! That's what I call a real man! We were going to give him a tour of the church but he never showed up. Bummer. I also had an intercombio with James, aka Elder Taeoalii. It was getting late and we had already had a way good day but we had like 45 minutes and no where to go, so before going back we started doing contacts and we got in to a house of two gay guys. One was an atheist. It gave us some pretty strange feelings. The guy he lived with was Evangelist (my spelling is so bad now), but he listened to us. The other one was super smart. He has studied everything and read everything, but didn't believe in God. We talked forever about a bunch of things when I finally just said, "you know, you asked me why I'm doing what I'm doing being so young and following this church, well, it's because of this book!" And then I testified about the Book of Mormon and the power of prayer and the guy said he'd read it, so we left on a good note. The Atheist wasn't going to do anything, but man, it was pretty funny. We get to experience all sorts of things on the mission.

When I was with "nature guy" I was thinking back to the time on South Mountain when me and Cam were wackin' wasps swinging those metal bats we had. haha Freakin' Cam. That guy's so funny. I love our family.

Some lady told me on intercombios that I have something special and am really going to help the branch. She said she and her sister had talked about that. I don't know why, but these members have been so great to me. Except, they called me during Sunday School to talk again in Church. That's two for two! Where am I? San Clemente?" "Dang Gina". I had to speak about Seminary. I didn't mention that Seminary was a great class to get away from the world while napping. haha.

Oh, but the neat experience with Fortunato and Adriana I mentioned at the beginning...we took out fechas with them! After we invited them to be baptized and after they accepted, I bore my testimony and streams of tears started flowing from the eyes of Adriana. It was amazing! That was probably one of the best moments of the mission for me. We watched 'Together Forever', cause they're not married. They really liked it. She wants to get married but he's worried because he doesn't have work, but thanks to the 2nd counselors testimony of his marriage, it really helped them see the importance. 2 weeks before the counselors marriage, he too was without work, but he's so humble and amazingly cool. He served here. He's from Paraguay, Hermano Roa. He looks like Joe Webber so that makes me like him that much more. Fortunato and Adriana have lived together for 10 years. I think they'll get married. They're going to pray together and talk about it. They're little daughter Brisa after watching 'The Restoration' movie went and knelt and prayed as well. She says she knows it's true. She did this when we weren't there. She wants to see God and Jesus like Jose' Smith. haha. I told her to do what I did when I was little and call 1-800-heaven! But, anyways, I love you all. Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing that experience mom about your cousin. That was neat and just another testimony of how true the church really is!

Love, Gavin

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