Saturday, March 27, 2010

Word to the fam...

So, sounds like you and dad are having some great experiences serving as missionaries in that Spanish Branch. I like that. Being a missionary is awesome, and an honor. This week we found out that it is just Fortunato who wants to go back to his old church. His spouse is super excited about the Mormon church. Danget! The True Church! But she doesn't want to mess things up with her husband because he has had a temper in the past. I don't understand why some men hit their spouses. I hate that so much. So, as of now, I don't think we'll be seeing them progressing. Together anyways. But, we will be baptizing this transfer this next week on Saturday. I'm excited! I didn't think we were going to baptize Macarena, (yeah, just like the song...hey Macarena!!!) She's the daughter of a family that just got reactivated. It should be great. Oh hey...March Madness was crazy! I didn't see anything, but I called the senior missionary couple, the Fitch's. I love them! They gave me all the details. I was pretty bummed that BYU had to play Florida. I love Florida, but I was glad they got past the first round. That's too bad they couldn't beat Kansas St. Sounds like our 3 big guys got fouls early. But man, you guys should go and watch the Sweet Sixteen in SLC. That would be fun. haha mom, I like your stories about the substitute teaching. haha freaken crazy kids...(ooo my bum...haha this was a private joke). Oh and you have to register me for school soon? That's crazy! Elder McConkie goes home this week. That's crazy too! Well, I'll keep you all in my prayers if you keep me in yours. (No problem with that Gav!) Read the Book of Mormon, pray, go to Church and fulfill your callings!
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