Monday, March 15, 2010

Rice Family minus the youngest, Elder Rice...

Hi Fam,
So, this week was cool. I baptized someone from the other side of El Parque. It was someone we found doing intercombios that I taught a couple times and when I interviewed her for baptism and asked who she wanted to perform the baptism, she asked who could do it. I told her any worthy priesthood holder could do it and then she asked me if I had the priesthood and I said "yeah" and she said, "word"! I want you to do it. It was kinda cool. So, I got to baptize. Elder Flake, the newbie, baptized another girl and it was the funniest thing in the world. He was first and while they were getting into the font, he popped out of the girls bathroom side and totally cut her off! The President was laughing so hard. We all were. It was so funny. I'll send pics from the baptism. It was 2 sisters and some other chick. We're helping the Young Women's program grow here in El Parque it seems.

Oh man, the worst thing ever happened. That family that we were going to baptize (Fortunato and Adriana) told us, well, he told us, how happy their old pastor is because they've decided to go back to their old church after 2 1/2 years. I was so super bummed. It was the worst thing ever. That's happened before, but I was so excited to baptize these great people, esp. after having had some super spiritual lessons with them. So, we said a prayer together and he asked if he should keep being taught and be baptized in the TRUE church. jk. He didn't say that but, we're going by tomorrow to see what's up. We took out another fecha with some lady. We'll see if she'll start coming to church. She's attended once. Beatriz and her mom Angela came to Church for the second time. I know they'll be members. They just say that they want to participate for now without being baptized, but they like it a lot. They feel like it is a lot more correct than the Catholic Church, even though they love the Catholic Church. But, they'll come around.

I'm glad Troy is doing better and Whitney as well. (He's been sick with RSV and then Whitney got sick as well). This past Sunday I was thinking about how much fun Sundays were spending them all together, eating dinner and playing ping pong and jazz. Movies, card games, skippin' Big D in Phase 10. Jon saying "it's getting personal", when he would get skipped. Ha, Ash always passing cards under the table. Cam always being funny and Venna always providing the drinks and snacks of all sorts, and me, partaking of them. I miss that.

Today, we played soccer, kickball and frisby with the zone of Avellaneda and Quilmes, even though we're not from their zones. We just got invited. It was fun though. No one broke ankles this time. That was a plus. Well, at least up until the time when we had to bounce, but wow, this transfer has been going by super fast. The first one in a new area always goes by fast. The work is pretty hard here. It's like the Coast, I swear. Just not as pretty and with tons of mosquitoes. It takes a mental toll, but, we're working really hard and I know the blessings will come and we'll find people who are ready to get baptized. We've got to baptize this transfer.

But, anyways, I love you all and miss you and hope things are going well. Write me. It's great to hear from everyone. Oh yeah, read scriptures, pray, and go to Church. If not, you might find yourself somewhere where you never thought you might end up! I love the Church and know it's true. I'm so grateful for it.

Love, Elder Rice

P.S. Happy Birthday Big D!!!!!!
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