Monday, March 8, 2010

Short and sweet news today...

Hey Family,
Well, the work has slowed down a little bit. I feel like we've already contacted every house in El Parque. Our side of the area is pretty much like the Matera, which was one of the Villas that was in Solano. Super poor but spread out Campo Villa. Fortunato and Adriana are still reading and praying but couldn't come to church again this last week. We're going to teach them the law of chastity this week and tell them that they need to married. That comes straight from the Pres. We had interviews and talked about this family and the best way to help them and how to go about doing it. We don't really have tons of investigators. I wish we were in the same mess that Jill is in with too many citas to go to. I feel like all we do is contacts here, and that's not getting us anywhere.

We had stake conference yesterday. It was so great to see all the members from Solano. That was the best branch ever. The familia Gonzalez and Laticia Rayer the mom. Freak, I love those people. Everyone from there is so nice. I can't believe it's been over a year since I was last with them. There were a few families that had babies and I didn't even know that they were pregnant. It's crazy how fast things change in so little time.

Today for P day was the best thing ever. We played Xbox on a projector screen here in Lomas. It was way nice with A/C and stuff. I LOVE A/C! We had a lot of fun.

You'll have to let me know how Vegas is. I'm so jealous. I love college basketball. And Vegas. And March Madness. And Vegas. and March Madness in Vegas. And the Vegas tourny in Vegas! Take pics, oh hey, so I was thinking on things that would be nice to have in the next package that comes my way, if there is one...Ranch dressing! Not packets...they do me no good. I can't find sour cream here. Reeses puffs. Pictures like scenery ones of where we live like snow, mountains, the Draper Temple. You know the goods.

This last week we also did service for a lady named Lorena. She is an investigator and lives with 5 kids. She's young too, it's so sad. She lives in a little box of a house made out of wood and tin. They don't have a bathroom and here they dig holes way deep and all the crap just goes and sits for like ten years until someone comes in and cleans it out. But, we dug out the nastiest hole thing. Oh man, they just told us that they're closing down the cyber so I've got to run. I love you all. Hope things are well. I'll keep you in my prayers if you keep me in yours! (Deal Gavin)!
Love, E. Rice

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