Monday, March 29, 2010

Seek and ye shall find...

Hey family, me quedo (he didn't get transferred).
So, yes, we had transfers and I'm staying in El Parque with Elder Melenez. So that was the excitingness of transfers. Elder Taeoalii is going to Parque Baron in Banfield. A pretty ghetto area. It's his first area with villa. He's had some nice areas. It was kind of weird that he left because he was only there in El Parque for 2 but he went up to DL so I think he's kind of happy. This last week we baptized Macarena. Her dad is awesome! We didn't think he was going to be able to baptize her because he smokes, but we had a really good charla with him about priesthood authority and power. He ended up talking with the Branch President. We set them up with an interview and the whole family went. And I guess it was super spiritual. The President called us after and told us about how great it was. They all prayed on their knees in the Bishops office after and Macarena gave the prayer. President said it was super spiritual and that they have really progressed in the month. They have been menos activos (less actives) for 4 years or more. Our President, Mongelos, is the coolest president I've had in the mission. He's amazing! He and my Quilmes 3 President are the bomb. He's way cool. Oh, and before I forget, the shoes and the cards got here and the letter. Thank you so much. The shoes are pretty big. I sport the 42 or 43 and these are 44's but maybe I can wear thick socks come winter. (Sorry Gav, they said size 10 and I thought that was what you wore). Thanks a bunch for sending those to me.

This transfer is going to be great. We're going to have to work really hard to baptize. I have the Hermana's in my district now. This is my sixth transfer as District Leader. It's crazy. I got my trunky papers today. That's weird. I haven't really looked at them yet. It just seems so strange. But, I hope you guys all watch general conference next week and take notes and use them. Don't write down what they say, but how you feel and the impressions that come to your mind. I miss you all. Have fun watching the finals of March Madness on my birthday. Have a party in my behalf!
Love your son/brother/in law/friend/etc...
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