Monday, April 26, 2010

Aca' andamos en la lucha! (We're still perservering in the fight)

What's not to love about these pics?!

Yes, I got the package you sent me. I had to pay 147 mangos for the box package but nothing for the express mail envelope. But, it's all worth it. I love things from the States oh and the pics and letters from home. I got the credit card so you can activate it. That would be nice because I'm going to need personal money. Money doesn't go far without having lunches with members and the traveling we have to do in and out of Varela and washing the clothes out here each week. An Elder is going to stop by to visit you and bring you a letter. (YAY...I love letters)! He's a stud. He made me laugh so hard, so now we have a missionary from Solano. He was in the Coast with me. He's been way sick so we've been working in a little trio every little bit. It's fun working in trios. We both teach so I don't have to give the whole lesson.

Today for P Day my comp had to do his documents so I had to sit in the offices all day. Kind of lame, but I finally got my 'trunky papers' turned in so the office elders were happy about that! We had to wake up at 5 to be there at 8 and didn't finish until like 2 so it was a long day. Not to mention that we've been without water again. I have bad luck with water in this country! (No me gusta Gav!)

But good news...we're baptizing Maria and Luz this Saturday. It's gona be sweet! Angela and Beatriz were going to get baptized but Angela's son got stabbed so she's been with him in the hospital making it hard to be able to see her very much. (No me gusta eso tambien Gavin! Stay safe por favor)! We're going to have to push her fecha back which is a bummer. But, her son is doing pretty well. They'll find out today if they have to operate because I guess his lungs are full of blood. Poor guy! This last week was kinda crazy. I'll be excited to baptize this week. Your lives sound busy and complicated. Hope you're all happy. Tell Greg congrats on the wedding and thanks to Vicki and Dawn for writing me dear elders. Thanks for your letters mom and dad. They were great! I like being updated on everyone. I really enjoyed reading the talk you gave at your cousins funeral. It was super good. I'll help you out with your Spanish if you write up my papers for me in school. Deal? Deal!
Love you all,
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