Monday, April 26, 2010

An actual letter in the mail...

I have basically given up on racing to catch the mailman for letters from Argentina. I live for my Monday emails each week instead. Only this week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a hand written letter in the mail. All in Spanish mind you, but that's okay. He said he did that to help me and Big D with our language skills for our inner city missionary experience. There's just something about snail mail that does a mother good. English or Spanish, I'll take what I get because Gavin seems to write a little more of his deep personal thoughts on paper than hurriedly typing out his weekly email in the cyber. He always puts a smile on my face. To quote some things he misses from home:

1. His niece and nephew. He's hoping that there will be at least 4 by the time he gets home. (Don't think that will happen since he'll be home now in 5 short (long) months!
2. He misses my chicken rolls, tacos, burritos, roast beef, broccoli, chicken and rice and the 'drink fridge' that was open to any and all who came to visit.
3. He misses his family and wants me to promise him that we will do all we can to keep our family together, obeying the commandments so that we can be worthy temple recommend holders and a forever family.

The things I enjoyed in this letter were his testimony of the Gospel. How he loves the Church. That even though he's in a different country, it's still the same. He misses the good members of our home ward. He says that it's sometimes hard to be away from his family and all those he loves, and yet, it "vales la pena". (It's so worth it) He hopes that his service has been recognized by the Lord and has been a blessing to his entire family. (I assure you Gavin that that is the case! We thank you for serving with your whole heart, mind and soul)! He is so grateful for his knowledge of the Gospel. He has a strong testimony of missionary work. He told Daris and I to wear our missionary plaques with pride! That we are true representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. (We do proudly wear our badges and hope to be a force for good with our new people in the inner city mission)!

Gavin's final quote in his letter was, "YOU GUYS ROCK"! Well, we think that you Gavin, are!
Thanks for your was the highlight of my day!
Your Mom
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