Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elder Mark McConkie returns home...

Gavin didn't have time once again to send pics but here is his latest email:

Hey family
Yeah I didn't write yesterday. I heard mom got scared. I almost died.. (not funny Gav haha) no kidding we just changed our p day to today so we could go to capital as a zone and hit up the zoo. It was pretty sick. Outside looking in was pretty great. I'm sure the animals there are big and fun to look at, but thanks to the rain it was closed. So we hit up some museum of Evita. It was much fun. (I think that sounds Spanish Gav) we ended up just coming back to our mission. Ha. and went bowling and ate McDonalds. Sounds lame, but you're not out in the boonies on a mission, so it was fun. Last week I got way sick from zone conference. The meat I ate was nasty. It was like some square meatloaf sort of deal. I only ate like two squigs but still it tore me to pieces. I had diarhrea and was throwin up a full (sorry about the graphic details). Wanna hear something funny and kinda gross? I got up to go to the bathroom and fainted and woke up only by throwing up all over. (Not funny Gav) I was kind of miserable. Luckily I was by myself, my comp was out with a member. I kept calling Hna Asay. She´s so nice. (Thank you Hermana) oh and for my birthday last week some investigators threw me a surprise bash with all her neighbors and friends. It was pretty cool actually my first ´´surprise´´ party thing I've ever had. (Muchas gracias you wonderful Argentine people) and I only knew like 4 people. (Lot's more investigators!) They made me a cake though so it was cool. The guy next to me is blasting Toxic by Britney Spears. haha. Anyways, but yeah I´m good now. I weighed myself last Saturday and I weigh 60 kilos o sea (in other words) 132 pounds. Funny huh. (Again, not funny more bread and chocolate) Oh we built a house. We helped our 2nd counselor build a house cause he had to move out of his rental with his wife and had no where to go. I feel bad for him and his newly wed wife and baby. But hey they´re happy. I couldn't live like these people. (They are amazing and wonderful people) I give them a lot of props. We should have 4 baptisms on the first, but as for now nothing in between. It's starting to get cooler which is nice. I´m so sick of the heat. I heard the Masters was great. Venna cried. (Who told you that?) haha q nena. Phil´s a stud. (Yes he is) did people yell at Tiger a lot? I can´t believe he´s showin his face. Well you're all in my prayers. Put me in yours. (Always and forever Gav) I love you
love e gavin p rice

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