Monday, April 5, 2010

Elder Rice turns 21!

Can it really be so?! This cute little brown, haired, browned eyed boy came into our lives 21 years ago today! He didn't have time to send us pics today so this one will have to do. We make sure that Laynie and Troy know who he is since he hasn't been around in their young lives too much. 5 more Fast Sunday's though and then we get him home! At least for a little bit!

Gavin's email today:'s my birthday! Thanks for all the emails. They were great! It's good to hear from everyone. I never was a big reader, but I read most of the emails and now don't have much time to write, but I just wanted to say that General Conference was great! I liked the last one better than this one because that one seemed to be just for me and what I needed to hear. But, I think it would be different if I was married or a mother. It talked a lot about the importance of families and the Atonement. I'm so grateful for our family. We're so lucky! It's weird to see a family here with a mom and dad in the same house without a bunch of problems. but hey, about school mom! I have no idea! I haven't thought about it at all because you like told me not to, so I didn't! (Thanks for minding me Gav!) So, I would start school in October? Danget...not behind though right? (No Gav, you would start on the block)! Freak...I can't believe I'm talking about going home stuff...that's just so weird. I feel like in some ways I just started, but at the same time, not so much. I have a lot of stuff to get done within these last months. I've gotta baptize like 5 each transfer to get close to my goal! And, we should be baptizing at least five this transfer if all goes to plan. We just took out two fechas with Beatriz and her mom Angela. Beatriz is like twenty something and has the most annoying kid ever! It's like he knows exactly when to destroy the lesson or spiritual moments at Church. But, he's young, and probably like Cameron was at Church with his stickers! hahaha! Freak, our family is funny! I would die if I ever saw someone do what Ashley did when the missionaries were at our house in Florida! (She ran into our sliding glass door as she was trying to get attention jumping into the pool)! I live for those moments. Man, I love my life..and our family. Did you hear the shout out Jill's mission got in General Conference? Freak, that was lame, I was rootin' for the Buenos Aires South mission instead of the West, but what can ya do?!

Well, today is my birthday. We went to play video games and we played some soccer. It was kinda cool I guess. I wish people in my zone actually like to play soccer. Tomorrow is zone conference. That should be fun. Oh mom, yes I got those SD cards. Freak, I'll be set. Haha! Thank you...and those shoes will be fine come winter cause I'll wear thick socks. I can't wait until it's winter. the mornings are getting cold now...finally! I will probably save those kicks for the plane ride home. byaaahh! Well hope everyone's doing well. Keep us in your prayers down here in Buenos Aires. Jill's already training! She's good at everything!
Love Gavin,
P.S. I'm 21!
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