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Hey Family,
That makes me way sad about the Teerlink kid. I hate when things unexpectedly happen like that. That's too bad. (Tyler Teerlink was hit on the head by a big rock while climbing with the scouts. He has a bad skull fracture and had surgery but is expected to get the use of his hand back soon.) I hope things will work out for him and his family and that he can recover. Chris White is such a stud. I'm sure his blessing made all the different. The Priesthood is real.

Cam, congrats on doing well on the MCAT! Who would have thought you'd do well on it? JK! We all did! You're a stud. Mom, I'm glad you had a great time in St. George with your friends. I hope Marvenna wasn't invited...uh oh...Cam LOVES Marvenna! (haha...I'll never tell Gav)! Sounds like Jon and Ash are doing well as are Whitney and Adam. Adam's in the Bishopric now! Wow, that's an intense calling. I'm sure he's ready to fulfill it. Dad so you're sportin' the German team! Freak, you'd be killed here! I was on divisions with Elder Garcia when the game was going down. He's from Peru but after the game, everyone was so mad that Germany beat Argentina they thought we were from Germany. Everyone kept asking us. We had to go switch back on our bikes in the Villa where our areas meet, we got there a little early, or in other words on time and were waiting for the other elders. So, after the first group of pibes asked me if I was German, I put my helmet back on and covered my 'blonde' hair. It was crazy to see the difference in Argentina when they lost compared to when they won. Soccer is their life!

German and Monica weren't able to come to church this week because of an incident we later found out about just after the game. Everyone gets so drunk and crazy. German was sitting in his doorway and his drunk neighbor started bothering him. He was saying stuff about his wife and ended up grabbing his shirt and ripping it up. German was ready for work, about to drop his kid off at his moms when this guy just starts to fight him. The guy bit German's calf, like Mike Tyson style. In defense, German had to kick him in the face and broke his nose. Anyways, long story, but I'm making it short. The guy came back later with a knife so German had to beat him up. All this happened right in front of his 6 year old little kid. It makes me so mad. German's had a crazy life, it was hard for him to hold back he was so offended. I saw his leg yesterday and it was nasty where the fool bit him. This all happened after the game, so on Sunday he couldn't come to Church and couldn't even go to work. It's so crazy how this stuff is just normal to all these people. It makes me even more grateful for where I live. We really are so blessed...more than we even realize.

This week we had some crazy spiritual lessons with Kevin who is the 18 year old nephew of German. I'm sending you a pic so you know who he is. I love the kid. He and Orlando bore their testimonies at church on Sunday. Orlando was blessed with a miracle with his back problems. He walks so good now and doesn't have the hernia in his spine. Everyone's just so weirded out because he was soooo miserable in so much pain. He's convinced that Heavenly Father blessed him as he started to go to Church and got to know us and the members. He's now going to move back to Peru on Tuesday with his family and his wife. We are sad because we wanted to baptize him, but we are really happy for him. We will pass his info onto the missionaries there so they can continue teaching him and the rest of his family.

We took out a baptismal date with Kevin for the 24th as well as an older couple, Ibiz and Juan. I'm not positive they'll make it but I know Kevin will. He's such a stud. He understands his purpose in life now. I can't wait to take him out and work with him after he is baptized. We are really blessed. I feel like we are really bringing the Spirit into our lessons now. It's crazy how the Spirit really does the teaching. It's taken me like my whole mission to grasp that fact and to learn how to use it. We have so many good things going for us in this area. So many great investigators.

Oh, before I forget, will you guys pray for German and Monica and their family? I would hate for something to happen to them. The guy lives like 3 doors down in a Peruvian Villa next to the railroad tracks in a way dark place, in a house made of material. It wouldn't be hard for someone to get in. Just keep them in your prayers for us. (Will do Gav)! Thank you!

Mom, if you send me a package, I said IF, don't feel obligated, but Reece's...a ton of them. Reece's Pieces would be rad. Peanut Butter M&M's, some skittles, (not the red pack), and yeah, whatever, don't feel obligated. Oh, and thanks for the letter you sent me. That was unexpected and I liked it. Thank you mom.

Today for P day we're going to play soccer again. Freak...I LOVE soccer. I think I've gotten a lot better than I used to be. I want to play in an indoor league when I get back.

PS...I make banana bread now. My comp showed me how and we have like a microwave slash oven thing. It's rad for making pan (bread) and I make a mean banana bread. I'm obsessed, I make it so much. We're making it and taking it to a noche de hogar (Family Night) with the Family Cardenas (Jesus's family). It's going to be a well needed one. I love that family so much.

I love you all. The Church is true! Listen to your leaders. Read your scriptures! Say your prayers...on your knees! Wow, we knelt down after a really good lesson with Kevin in his tiny tiny little room he has. We were all touching knees basically. But, he said the prayer and it was so sincere and so amazing. We were with the first counselor and he was so impressed. Even Kevin felt the Spirit overwhelmingly. Anyways, have a great week!
Love Elder Rice the Third!


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