Monday, July 26, 2010

A picture's worth a million words...

I'm sure he's trying to say, "I love you MOM"!

Looks like some pretty good chocolate 'G-Love'!

Elder Rice is not happy?! "Ojo" which in Castellano means..."watch out"!

So, after a very long wait for Gavin's email today, this is what we got...(Good thing he's so cute)!

Hey Mom,
I'm safe...don't worry! We had a busy day/afternoon. We just jumped in a cyber to tell you not to worry and we'll write when we have time later this week, maybe Friday after planning. We had a way good week! I baptized Kevin. He's coming with us tomorrow to our district meeting. I love the kid! This Sunday we had 13 investigators to church! It was re piola!!!!!!
xoxoxoxo chaoooo
Your baby boy!

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