Monday, August 2, 2010

I love my life...

Hey Mom,
So we baptized Kevin last week. It was awesome! We had 13 in church to see it. It was amazing, even with the rain and all. Kevin is such a stud. He came with us to district meeting on Tuesday and went out with us yesterday morning. He teaches so well. He even wanted to stop and talk with people in the street. He HAS to be a missionary one day. He'd make such a good one. He has such a strong testimony. His family didn't want him to get baptized and tried to talk him out of it the night before. But, I got to baptize him. He's awesome! I love the kid! This week we've taken out two baptismal fechas so next transfer I'll get to see at least two more baptisms. We have an investigator who is married to a member and wants to get baptized. I love my life! It's going to be awesome. We have others that are ready too. It's just so hard because of marriages and divorces and stuff, but we are doing really well with the work and it feels so good to have success and see the fruits of it. There's a bunch of stuff I wrote down to tell you, but I left my agenda in some guys house that we found last week. I leave it everywhere! I'm retarded...I lose everything (Some things haven't changed I guess. That's OK, you're still cute!)

I've got your package here with me!!! I did intercombios with Ensenada and those Elder's had it in their pench because they went to the offices and picked it up for me. Thank you so much! I will enjoy that the last little bit of my mission. I can't believe I'm almost on my last transfer. (Me either Gav)! I get excited every once in awhile, but sometimes I feel pressured like I have so much to do in the little time I have left. But, I think we're headed in the right direction.

It's raining so hard right now I love it! It's been pretty cold and rainy the last couple weeks. Mud with bikes complicates things but it's ok. At the end of the day, it's worth it. We have so many good investigators. We had six lessons with a member in one day this week. We've done two divisions with members and are really working hard. We have so many citas (appointments) and not enough time for all the people we are teaching. It's a good feeling but a little overwhelming at times.

Today we threw flour, rice and eggs on E. Johnson for his birthday. I'll send pics.
I love me! (you know it Gav!)

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Pedaling said...

very cute letter.
Sounds like things are going awesome to the end!