Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday August 9, 2010

Hey Family,
Sounds like Cam's had some back luck lately, but I see we have some other good news in the family. So, I speak about albedrio (agency) for my homecoming talk huh?! That's cool. I like that. It'll be fun! (He actually doesn't mind speaking in church?...Another mission miracle)!

So, this week went okay. Yesterday was kind of a bummer, but we're baptizing this week and getting John and Selina married so that they can get baptized the Saturday before I leave the mission. We will also be baptizing Micaela, a member's wife. I'd be so content with those baptisms if we can get everything worked out like we want to. There's so many other people we're working with, but they're not progressing as quick as the others. It's frustrating, but we have to be patient because they are progressing and have the desires to progress even more. My comp is pretty cool. He's a way nice guy from Wisconsin. He always beats me in UNO though. He loves the mission and the work. He's always happy and willing to do whatever, so that's nice. We've just got to work on his Spanish so that he can be more effective. He has the drive though.

Today we played soccer. It was fun. We play like every P-Day. I hope that the guys at home that are planning on missions will do what they're called to do. They'll learn more in two years of life than they can learn the rest of their lives. Sounds like things are going well on the home front. I miss you guys and am looking forward to a warm welcoming, but for now I gotta work!

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