Monday, August 23, 2010

Wedding bells....

Jon and Selina are getting married! We went with John this week to take out a turn. They can be married Sept. 10th and baptized on the 11th! I'm so happy! It's amazing. I don't know if you've noticed but I've been really happy and really enjoying the mission and don't feel ready to come home. (Oh, oh...yes, I have noticed)! We have so many great things going on in my area. I know it's late in the game but if you get a call from the President, don't be scared because I've asked to extend with Elder Ingram! We want to really bad. I'm sure you can manage a month longer without me. I'm not that great! (That's for me to decide Gav and my heart just skipped a beat)! I just thought I'd give you the heads up. I feel really good about it. It came so clear to me like I needed to do this when I was teaching a lesson to a family who wants to get married. The whole time I was just need to extend. It's a possibility and hopefully it will all work out. I obviously need your support so you have to be okay with it as well. (With a heart like this, how could I say no Gav!) President said he has to make some phone calls and will let us know when he gets the time to do so. So, that's the news on the street! (That's quite the shocking news E. GP Rice!)

We had 10 investigators in Church yesterday. We found a 22 year old girl from Peru Saturday night. Her name is Veronica and she already attended church in church clothes and participated and loved it! Yesterday we found this guy name Miguel who's parents were members and they even had temple recommends. He wants what they had because they were so happy. We took out a fecha with him the same day, yesterday for the 11th of September. Oh it's amazing! So many blessings in such little time. I feel so rushed and worried to get it all done. I've never felt crunched for time like I do right now. If you're de acuerdo (okay with) me extending, pray for me that I can. That things will work out. It would be a major disappointment. I thought the pres. could make these decision but it turns out the big dawgs, bigger ones than the mission pres. has to make the call. I really like President Stapley. He's a great man. Defineately different than Pres. Asay but I like his confidence and willingness to help us out. He's going to do great here. We found a guy last night doing our last contact, Andres' aka Andy who is 19 from Ecuador. He's here studying. He's amazing! We were so pumped getting back to the pench last night. We had a great week. My comps a stud. He's so willing to work hard. He's just new and doesn't know how to yet but he's really teachable and ready to learn. I'm here with Elder Ingram in Lomas cause we came to pick up my Argentine documents so I can have them as a souvenir. It turns out though that you have to bring a pic with you. They were closing when we got here so I have to come back up here before transfers or I won't get them. I really want them. It was a a bummer! But yeah, if we extend, we are going to work in my area and live with the elders from Villa Elvira cause they are in our area in a bigger pench. Ours is teeny, tiny. I really hope to. I miss you all and can't wait to see you, but I can wait another month... :)

I've wanted to baptize a family my whole mission, and finally, at the end it has been made possible. I can't wait to get them married and baptized. It's going to be so incredible! (Only wish I could be there to witness Gav. Keep up the good work!)

P.S. are we going golfing my first day back? (It depends if it's still warm when you decide to come home :)

P.S.S. a massage would be sweet like a professional one. I've never had one before. (You've earned that treat Gav. We'll see what we can do!)

P.S.S.S. I was laughing out loud the other day thinking of Daris saying "shiza" when he hits a bad shot in golf. (Some things never change...only now, he's trying to learn Espanol :)

P.S.S.S.S. Happy Birthday Ash. Hope you are happy!

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Hola Rice como estas te ves muy bien en las fotos