Monday, August 30, 2010


A few of the wonderful people who have touched Gavin's heart!
Looks pretty good! Just one of the great skills a missionary learns!
Another big thumbs up with new comp. Elder Torbenson
Nothing like a good ole' American hamburger for a few hungry Elders! Burger King seems very happy to welcome all of these hard working missionaries after each transfer meeting!

Hey Family,
Wow thanks for the pics! That's great that you guys played golf with the Daniels. The course looks amazing. I can't wait to tear that up when I get back. We'll have to make sure to bring a bunch of sand for all my divots though that I'll be making in that thing. Wow, but really, it looks good.

So, it sounds like you called SLC, or emailed or something. (We called the travel office due to insufficient knowledge of whether you are extending or not...made for a long week without knowing Elder Rice. ) I shouldn't have mentioned anything because it turns out that I can't. Elder Ingram and I really wanted to but it turns out that there are a ton of missionaries coming in the next transfer so they don't need us. (Can I just say...good news for us, not so good news for you?)

I want to have good noche de hogares (family nights) with the whole family when I get back. Like with fun stuff yes, but spiritual stuff as well. I want to share my testimony with everyone. (Did I mention how great missions are in a young persons life?!) I'm excited to spend time with you. Missions help you realize how amazing your parents actually really are. (Tears of joy here Gav...they also help reaffirm a parents love for their kids.) Mom, I'm terrible with English now. It just doesn't leave me good. ( I noticed...leave me good Gav?) Like I can speak fine, I talk with my comp in English all the time, but like with church stuff...(don't worry, it will come back! Just don't lose your Espanol though! I really need it in my missionary calling right now and I'm so rusty after 30 years!)

I love my family and this ward! I'm so excited to work hard these last two weeks. (I can't believe it's finally almost the end Gav!) We have to make sure that John and Selinas marriage goes through so that they can get baptized next week. As well as Micaela. She's so awesome. It will be a great baptism to have. She's cool. She like's Coldplay a lot. Her husbands a stud as well. His name is David. It would be so great to see them get sealed in the Temple in a year.

Today was fun. We had a zone activity and played a lot of soccer and other games. We were supposed to go out to some island for it but just like always, too many showed up late and we missed the boat. So, we went to the church. It was fun though. We also had an asado (bbq).

This last week I was super sick. I had the gripe! (flu) I had a fever, headache and stomachache and was in my bed for like 48 hours. It was a bummer. I hate going from cold to hot in like 2 seconds with the weather. Things are going well though and we're working hard and are happy. I hope you all are too. I appreciate all you do for me. I hope you're having family home evening. If not, start! I can't wait for that when I get back. I love you all and hope you have a great week.

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