Thursday, August 19, 2010

Se Bautizo' Walter!

Hey Family of mine. First of all, I keep forgetting to there anything you want me to purchase for you while I am here in Argentina? Because I'm a guy and guys don't have good ideas with things like that to bring back. So if you want something, let me know. (Just you Gav...that's all I need!) I'm sending a bunch of pics. Some are from when E. Holladay was giving his goodbyes and from Kevin's baptism and also Walter's baptism this last weekend. This week we had a good week. We baptized and had 8 in Church. We're hoping to baptize 3 more in a family named Falcon'. The guy is cool. He looks like he's from Russia. They have been reactivated and have 3 kids ages 15, 13, and 9 who haven't been baptized. We are baptizing John and his wife and Micaela on September 11th so we're going to talk with them this week about it. It would be pretty rad to end the mission with 6 baptisms. I like those kids a lot. They're awesome.

We went with John to get a turn to get his marriage license. His passport had expired though so we have to go back this week and take different documents. They will get married though and baptized this transfer. Pray for them so they'll be able to get a turn to get married before the 11th. I'd die if I didn't get to see them baptized. We're working hard and seeing the blessings from it. I've been using the excuse of me going home to get investigators to do stuff, as well as the members. I have a lot committed to do stuff they've never done or haven't done in a long time, like go to church at least once before I leave. I'm excited for the rest of this transfer. I really hope we can get all the things done that we want to get done. Walter's baptism went really well. My comp baptized him. It was cool. He's a stud. He was excited and pretty nervous especially because the pants and shirt were like 5 sizes too big. Haha.

Today is fariado (holiday) which means Argentina has no public transportation. It makes for a long P-day waiting and waiting for colectivos (busses). We came out early to La Plata because we're going to play soccer again and don't want to get there late. We play every week.'s awesome. I love it! There's a chick sitting here next to me webcaming some guy and she's talking so fast in German or French. It's kinda cool. I like it. Well, enjoy the sun cause it's cold and ugly here...and enjoy the pics. I'd like to see pics of you guys though so feel free to send. I know I'll see you in a month but it just doesn't feel like it.

XOXOXO Elder Rice

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