Monday, August 2, 2010

The beginning of the end...last transfer! Hasta luego E. Holladay...bienvenidos E. Torbenson!

Hey Family,
I'm with a new comp. Elder Torbenson. I'm his second comp. He's from Wisconsin. He's a pretty cool kid. It should be great! If not, it's only for 6 weeks haha! He likes to play sports though so that's nice. I liked E. Holladay a lot. We had a really good two transfers and learned a lot and worked hard. We've got a lot of great investigators. We had 6 in Sacrament meeting and like hardly anyone else came. I'm sorry I don't have the pics from Kevin's baptism, I switched out my cards. Q macana. I'll have to send them next week. We had a good week though. We took out 2 fechas and will be baptizing them both this transfer. It's going to be awesome. One is a police woman who is married. Her husband is a member but has been inactive. They're starting to both come to church. He works on Sundays though and only gets one Sunday off a month. Her name is Micaela and the other one we're baptizing is Walter from the Ramos family who we are reactivating. We have so many more and should be getting people married. Jon and Selina are going to get married. We're working with them. He's the one that got shot twice and that's why I have pics of me in the hospital. His femur bone has a nail in the center. It's so long...I saw it on the X-ray. So, things are great. We're going to head back to the area. I love you, have a great week.
Elder Rice

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