Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 1 of this transfer....

Wow! I'm dead tired! We played futbol for 4 hours today. I feel aged. By the 3rd hour I was just dead and lazy. I wanted to keep going but my body just wouldn't let me. I don't like that! Then we had to walk over to the cyber because my comps bike is getting fixed again. The bikes break so much. Poor kid has had to pay 200 pesos of his own to fix the bikes after being reimbursed for half. Pero q va a hacer (what are you going to do?)
This last week was awesome! Especially Sunday. We had 8 investigators in Sacrament meeting. I LOVED it! It was like crazy trying to fellowship and support each one of them. Orlando would get baptized as this is his 5th week in coming to church in a row, but he's not married. His wife is coming to be with him though when he has his back operated on so we are trying to get them married and baptized together. That would be so cool! They've been together for 10 years and have 2 kids. This week we had an awesome lady with our investigator Ibiz. We also found her husband with our mission leader. We had a really spiritual lesson. She's awesome. The husband is even better, but he doesn't feel the need to go to church which blows because he drops her off every Sunday. She fell though and broke her hand so she only comes now for Sacrament meeting. I wish he would just pop in and see what's up. We visited an investigators brother in the hospital and found him and his wife. He was shot twice. He has nails in his leg because the bullet fractured the bone. He had a thing in it kind of like Terry's leg when he that bad broken leg. His wife is awesome. Well, woman friend. I'm not sure if they're married. But, we were able to give him a blessing with his cousin who is a member. Well, recent convert. He's promised to change his life after this is all over and go to church and live a better life. It sucks when something like that has to happen to someone to make them put their priorities in order. He is a great guy though. He was actually sticking up for a friend and was shot by another friend. Some friend...Today was his surgery. We're going to visit him tomorrow night and see how he is doing. Oh guess what? Jesus' got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday! His wife Angelica got a calling after years of not being able to have one! It was so awesome! They're so great. We have a family night with them tonight or whatever they're called.

Oh, dad...sorry I never told you Happy Father's Day. I'm a terrible son! Happy Father's Day! I felt so retarded the next day. I forgot the week before than forgot the Monday after. My bad. Oh and are you watching the World Cup??? It's not hard to tell the outcomes of the games. The people go crazy after! So, it comes down to dad's German's to see if Argentina moves on.

Well, I wanted to send pics but this computer doesn't allow me too. We're going to do divisions right now with some ward fellers. I'm so dead tired I want to be in my bed right now! P.S. that story with Chris...haha, I love that kid! He's so righteous! What a stud! Oh man, tell him to hit me up with a job at that joint of his. I've always been known to make a mean smoothie...well, snow cone, but I'm sure it's about the same.

Have a great week! Keep reading scriptures and praying. Don't miss a day. Keep up the habit. The habit is the most important part. It's like working out...if you miss a day, you usually end up fading...?entendes? (understand?)

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