Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain! World Cup Champs?!

Wow, I had a lot to read so I won't be writing too much today, but wow, a lot of stuff has happened it appears in one week. That's crazy! I like being informed about life outside the mission. It's weird that there even is a life outside of the mission and that everyone just keeps on keepin' on without us! j/k (Doesn't mean we don't miss you being here though Gav...)
This week was great. We were able to find Kevin's dad who came here from Peru last week. On Sunday he was shaking so badly and wanted to bare his testimony so I said, "I'll go up with you", so we both bore our testimonies. We shared ours right after Orlando shared his. Everyone in the ward had witnessed the health miracle that Orlando has had with his back so it was pretty cool. So, Kevin's dad happened to come over to his brother-in-law's house at the perfect moment. They shared their experiences with him of the gospel and really grabbed his attention. Kevin wants a better relationship with his and was afraid for us to talk to him, but instead of us asking him questions, he asked us, "what's the difference between you guys and all the rest of the church's?" I was like, well, we have the j/k, but we taught the restoration and were able to watch the video of Joseph Smith. I was thinking how excited I will be to go watch the Joseph Smith movie in Salt Lake when I get back. We should go as a family home evening. I'd like that. Anyways, his dad really liked what we talked about and found it to be really interesting. Everyone always gets super surprised when they hear our message. They hesitate until the spirit kicks them in the face, then they're like..."wow...these Yankees have something there." But anyways, we had a really great week. We had 5 in Sacrament meeting. Ibiz's husband Juan came!!! He came at the end, but I mean...he came! We introduced him to the bishop and it was awesome. I really do love that guy. He's the most sincere person. You should hear his prayers. You can tell he's just opening up his heart to God and letting out what he feels. We have some amazing investigators. If it wasn't for marriage problems we'd be dunkin' a couple of families. I'm hoping to get Ibiz and Juan married as well as German and Monica, like way quick like so I can be here for their baptism. It takes forever though because you have to take a turn and there is usually a 3 month wait. They make it so difficult that people just decide not to do it.

So, today we played soccer in an indoor field. It was a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to playing indoor when I get back. It's been pretty cold here. I like it though. We have zone conference this week so I will probably be able to meet the new mission president. Our zone is in first place doing the best out of all the zones. That's kind of cool I guess. I can't wait for Kevin to get baptized! It's gonna be so rad. He's going to be a missionary...I know it! He's so smart and as we taught his dad, he helped out more members usually do. It's going to be awesome to take him with us to teach. The Church is so true! And so perfect!!! It's crazy how true it is.

I just looked on my blog and you put Elder Garcia instead of Elder Velasquez on a pic He has a super long hair that grows out of his forehead. He's going to give it to me so I'll remember him when I leave. Haha! I love that kid! I love you guys and miss you all.
Love Elder Rice

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