Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rainy days and Sundays!

Amigos para siempre!
A little cold and wet!
Will the real Justin Bieber please stand up!

Hey Family,
So, we just got back from playing soccer and a bunch of missionaries got robbed. They took a bunch of wallets and stuff from us. Luckily, nothing of mine was taken. I'm sick that that happens so much. Some missionaries lost around 200 pesos. Luckily everyone had their cameras with them. Anyways, soccer was fun, even though I'm having lower back pain again.

Next week we are going to be baptizing Kevin which I am so excited about. He's such a stud! It's been raining so much here that the streets are just full of water. We come home soaked riding the bikes. We had only one investigator in Church, which was Kevin, when we thought we'd have about 13. We had a lot of people committed, but what are you gonna do?! When it rains, everyone just stays in. Makes it tough for the work because they think that if they go outside they're going to melt or something!

We've had some neat experiences with Kevin. He was super down on himself. Poor kid, just dwells on his past and can't look forward to the future. He just wants to fix so many things which he's already repented for and is ready to get baptized. It's just hard for him now knowing the Gospel. We had a really good lesson with him and after, I gave him a blessing of comfort. He said it really helped him. He's been super awesome this week. He had a long wait for his baptism because he wanted to be ready for it. We knew Satan was going to work on him, which he did, but he's been overcoming everything. He's going to be one of my favorite baptisms. I love his conversion story and being here to see it all. There's nothing better than seeing someone accept the Gospel right in front of your eyes and the changes it makes. It's like a change of attitude towards everything. He wants others to feel as he does. He was wondering how to do it. It's awesome to see how when we feel the fruits of repentance how we want others to feel as good as we do. We read in Alma 29:1-3 I think, or maybe 28, where he says he wants to shout out through a trumpet and shake the earth with his voice and cry repentance, but then he just realizes that he's just a man and someone who sins in his desires. The whole chapter is good. I had to give a talk on Sunday. I mentioned how in the Michael Jackson song, "Man in the Mirror" it says if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change. We were doing contacts the day before and me and E. Johnson heard that song and we were like..."yeah, that's true...I'm going to use that in my talk."

So, things are going well. We have transfers in two weeks. It's so weird to see how fast the time is going. I'm excited but at the same time, not so much. I feel like I have a lot more to do before I go home.

Sounds like Jill is into eating's actually way good though. (Oh my Gavin...coming from the pickiest eater in the world!!!) I thought it was weird too when I first got here but it's like the best sandwich meat there is! Here at least! I'm sorry to hear about Ashley's friends accident and the other sad things happening right now. You really never know, do you?! It's important to be prepared though so you're ready for that time whenever it comes. Always! Feast on the scriptures and pray and go to Church and share your testimony with others.
I love you all,

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