Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feliz Cumple Elder Rice!

I love surprises and jerseys! I probably have the coolest jersey in all of Argentina. 1. because it's not fake and 2. because it's a REAL Salt Lake. Our mission leader from my last area had a banner put up above our pench for my birthday. It's super funny. It says Feliz Cumple Chiquitin Gavin Rice. He called everyone Chiquitin so we always made fun of him. Thanks Fam for all of the birthday notes slash, 2 amazing packages!!! We've almost already eaten everything you sent. It's doing wonders for my social life.
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Venna said...

I love this pic Gav and I love that the people in Argentina are taking such good care of you! That's quite a sign! Bigger than any one I've ever made for you!