Monday, April 20, 2009

Que Te Pasa Che'

This may have been the fastest week in the history of my mission! Yes it was!!! I feel like I was barely in this cyber only a couple of days ago! I feel like I don't have a ton to say which is sad, but I feel like I just barely wrote and after eating 1 1/2 pizza's at 'Pizza Libre', my minds gone whacko! We have had a lot of success with finding people and the members are finally starting to help us. We've gotten quite a few references. We live in the Villa and it's funny, because they all seem to know who we are and what we are doing. The word spreads pretty fast! We still have our baptism coming up with Tina this Saturday. We had another one ready but she said she doesn't want to baptize herself yet. (That's kind of a Spanish comment Gav haha. That's good you're thinking in Spanish though!) We found Tina my first week here so we're excited about her. But she has to not "chew" until Saturday and if she chews even once, we can't baptize her. That would be sad because I'm pretty sure Elder McConkie's out of here come Monday. I can't believe it's already time for transfers again. Hopefully we can still be comps for one more transfer. That would be sweet. We work really well together and enjoy it!

This last week we had intercombios with the Elders in Wilde. I went over to their area with Elder Porcal from Uruguay. He's a capo! Their Villas is like a big 'ole never ending maze with high skinny hallways. It's sweet. We are working with an awesome recent convert family who is loving the Church and quiting smoking. It's really been fun helping them. They have a son who's 20 named Luis. He wants to go on a mission. He's really cool. He's been doing visits with us but gets so nervous. It's funny he gets nervous because he's freaken' ripped! I can't imagine why he'd be nervous! He's such a capo though. So humble! He's got to finish high school before he can serve a mission so he will have to wait a couple years I guess. I miss Solano sometimes but what can you do! We have only been able to do a couple of divisions. In Solano we were doing them almost every day. Mom...get on Hermano Gatica for not doing divisions with us! He's a punk! I can't believe you talk to him on FaceBook haha...that's so funny! He's awesome. We invited him to go bowling with us today but he has to go visit some less actives with the bishopric. We have an awesome bishopric! They're all capos. It's so nice to have a sweet Obispado (bishopric) The bishop served in Cordoba as well. So, things are going well here. We are working hard and safely. I love the work and the people! We have our "intercombio" with Pres. Asay this week. That's going to be amazing! I can't wait for him to (bajar la cana) "drop the cane" on me and make me better at everything and reactivating our less actives and helping us get 10 more "fechas" (baptismal dates) and find us more people to teach! (Sounds like you have a few requests for your Pres. Gav)... Here's some old pics that I never sent of our last zone "floggerin" it up in the lenses. And...about packages...could you whip me up a little recipe book, real quick, like for Tacos, German Pancakes, whatever I can cook members/slash/investigators/slash/myself! That would be awesome!
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Jeffrey said...

Gavin, i just got your letter today! its good to hear how well your doing.i like the golfing picture, you still have that extension through the ball that i could never match. One of my good friends on the golf team is from argentina and i want to go visit him down there. so dont be surprised if you randomly run into me. anyways Much love. ill write you soon