Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rice/McConkie...a great companionship...

Elder McConkadonk comp...he is so cool! He's such a capo (stud). We frequently have belt fights and work really hard. I love it! He's really obedient and we get along really well. He also plays the piano really well which is pretty rad. We have a really good companionship. We've got 3 baptismal dates but one might fall through because we have to give the "get married or move out" lesson to a really nice lady. On my personal level, I've been studying the New Testament. I'll be reading that this quarter of my mission and studying it. It's awesome. I really love it, especially the Joseph Smith translation. So, in Sept. the Church is coming out with our version of the Bible in Castellano. I can't wait. That will be the coolest thing ever...except I'll have to remark my scriptures. Ok, so I have a question...if you focus on the questions that Jesus asks in the New Testament you can find out some pretty sweet stuff. Read Luke 10:24-26 and tell me your thoughts because I think it's an awesome message of The Plan of Salvation and the Kingdom of Glory and how to obtain it. I can't tell you how many times I've had my own little spiritual experiences of how true this church really is. I hope I will remember these days days my whole life! I think it will be hard to forget them. I love the work, I love helping people. I'm so glad I'm here right now. I can't tell you how true everything in this church is. It's just so perfect. Well, next time I write I'll be 20. That's weird, I don't even feel 19!
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