Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to the "VIRTUE" Deli...

The YW'S theme has an added value this year that I feel is truly inspired by the YW General Board. The value is "Virtue". The color is "Gold"! This is so fitting in the world in which we live today. To quote our YW camp theme for this year..."All that glitter's isn't Gold"! Virtue is "priceless". In order to introduce this addition to the theme, we put on a "Virtue Deli" for New Beginnings! I am blessed to be able to work with such amazing Women...Young and "Not so young" but ALWAYS...young at heart!

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Pedaling said...

it was such a wonderful night for the girls.
and was so obvious as to the work and care that went into all of the preparations.
plus everyone was raving on how delicious those cookies were.

is it ok for me to share this pic on the rs blog?

Venna said...

Thanks for always commenting. Not many do for some reason! Yes, it's great to share on the RS blog!