Saturday, April 11, 2009 good was General Conference!

After every talk, I said to myself..."that one was the best one yet", but they just kept getting better and better. I loved them all. I got to go to the Saturday Session as well as Sunday because we took an inactive families investigator. She's ready for baptism Friday. It's going to be Sweeeet! I loved the talks on Sunday. Saturday's were good too but it wasn't as powerful with a translator doing the talking. It was funny because as he was translating the prayers, he kept messing up so he would just end up saying his own prayers instead. It was so good though. I'm pretty sure conference has always been like this. I've just never really paid too much attention I guess. There was so much talk about Temple work and families. I loved that because that's where true happiness is and it comes through and only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's so simple and yet so perfect. I love it! I loved Elder Holland's talk on Christ's atonement. I read that chapter in Matthew 26 I think. It was amazing. I love the New Testament. My favorite time of the day could be between 8:00-9:00 am when I have my personal studies. There was a lot of talk about fear and faith. I love what Pres. Hinckley said that you can't have fear and faith at the same time. I'll be carrying that with me throughout my mission here. I really wish I could meet those guys (the Apostles). I told my comp that there's no way anyone could watch conference and not know that this Church is true! Those guys really are the closest people to God and really do know exactly what we need. Their words are scripture and I love it! I'll be looking forward to October.

We got a chance to go to the Temple as a mission last week. It's pretty neat to see this Temple here. It's all in Castellano and tiny, but so awesome. I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to though because I had a migraine. I've been struggling with those headaches. I don't know what it is with Argentina, but I think I'm allergic to it! I'll just be a sick one for 2 years but it'll be worth it. So, I've been thinking of what I want to do when I get back. I would love to work for the Church somehow. I don't know what I'd do. I know I wouldn't be able to have a mullet but I think I could still pull off a 'stache! I saw a few sportin' a 'stache in the Tabernacle choir :).

Laynie is getting so cute and Troy is getting so huge and funny. I wish now more than ever that I could play with them. It's weird how much they mean to me. For one, I hardly know them, and two, they're not mine but they're just part of the fam and I just want to play with them. I love messin' with the kids here. They're super cute.
Are there missionaries in our ward because you should feed them and tell them to work hard. You need to find people for them to teach. The members got the "cane" dropped on them this conference. I loved it! We will have to get that talk printed off and hand it out to everyone here in our ward. Do something! Come to Church! Fulfill your calling! The church is so true! It's sad when you're surrounded by so many people that just don't know...good opportunities to teach but the majority won't listen. Pero, por eso, estamcos aca'. (This is the reason we as missionaries are here.) I love Castellano. My understanding has improved a ton. There's still a ton I don't know, but I can usually understand something, so I can generally figure out what they're talking about. I'm starting to feel comfortable with the language. I like it a lot.

Well, I love you all and would love to be able to say that to more members in my family so have more kids so I can be the favorite uncle of more sobrinos (nieces and nephews). I love you and am proud to be a part of our family. We are so blessed! Count your many blessings and I'll count mine!

P.S.S. I met Cameron's "greenie" that he trained in Mendoza. Herdnan Cabrero (I think). He's a capo (stud). He said that he and Cam were really good friends and he had lot's of pics of him. I bet Cam was such a good missionary. I never realized how cool it was that he was assistant to the Pres. It's such a small world. We are going to try and get permission to go eat at the Cabrero's this Saturday. We have to get permission because it's outside our area.
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