Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I live another week to tell you about the life of mission work in Argentina!

Herdnan Cabrera y su esposa y bajo Hermano Gatica. Missionary friends of Cameron's while serving missions in Mendoza, Argentina!

Yesterday was Easter and Fast Sunday for us and it was a good day in Church. The ward is great! The Obispado (bishopric) is awesome. I'm still warming up to a lot of the other members. I still miss Solano but it's pretty awesome to have Hermano Gatica here because he served with Cam in Mendoza. But he's a punk! He won't go on divisions with us! He's funny! We ate at the house of Cam's son (Cameron's greenie that he trained) which makes him my "nephew", Herdnan Cabrera. They had their baby yesterday on Easter. Victoria se llama. We ate Chudipan and boy we ate a lot. I'm not sure what's exactly in that stuff but the people here love it. And...surprisingly, I don't think it's too bad. Herdnan made me video him so I could send a clip to Cam. He loves Cam. We saw a bunch of pictures from their mish of them. It's crazy to see Cam in the time where I'm at now. I never knew Cam was such a "capo" (stud) in the mission. Oh, and he still has the tie that mom bought you with the mission name that you gave to him. He was also wearing the shorts that Elder Prince gave him. Haha...it was great! They're awesome people. His wife served a mission in Chili.

So, this week Satan won. The day before our baptism the girl we were going to baptize ran away from home from her sister and her mom. We can't find her. She is supposedly with her mom's brother who is a terrrible person. I guess he lives like 5 mins. from where we live here in Centro. So, the day of her baptism we told her mom that we'd go help look for her. We took a "collective" (bus) from her house to the station in Quilmes and as we were sittinig there waiting for the "colectivo" I've never had a stronger feeling than I had then saying, "DON'T GO"! I told that to Elder "Conk" in English and he said, "I feel the same way"!. As the mom was getting on the bus, we had to tell her that we couldn't go with her. We didn't know, "why", but we just couldn't! It was crazy. I can't really describe it but when we called her later that night, it turns out that it was a GOOD thing that we didn't go. A REALLY GOOD thing! I'm just going to say "that"! (Looks like I have something to ask about on my Mother's Day call :) It was a good experience to have. Especially to know that if we LISTEN, the spirit really will tell us where TO go, and where NOT to go...and what TO do, and what NOT to do. Sometimes it's just hard to hear it!

So, we were pretty down without the baptism but the Lord blessed us and we were able to get 2 more baptism "fechas" from two other people the next morning. It was Awesome! Tina who is one of the two, has been so prepared. It's crazy to see. She basically taught us the lessons. She even talked about perservering. She's done like a "180" turn around and she will be totally ready for baptism April 25th. We have a "cita" (appointment) with her and with like 5 other people that we always walk by that lives right by her house. So hopefully we should be finding a lot this week. Tina has been to church twice now and loves it!

You said you wanted to know about my comp. He is from Bountiful. He IS related to that famous "Bruce R. McConkie" guy. He's the brother of his grandpa. He's awesome...we're friends, not companions. The work goes better this way. I love it right now. Hopefully we can stay together for another transfer but I bet he leaves. That's awesome about President Franco being made a "70". He was a "capo"!! and yes...I saw that Angel Cabrera won the Master's on a newpaper as we walked into the cyber. I can't believe he won! That's crazy!
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