Monday, April 27, 2009

Intercambio with Pres. Asay Quilmes 3

So, we had our "intercambio" with President! The guy is amazing! I learned so much just from being around him for 24 hours straight! I wish I could have taken my camera around just to be able to film him in action. He cares so much about every single person. He's so good at showing them that he cares and is able to teach them perfectly according to their needs. The guy cannot be human, I swear! He doesn't need an alarm clock, he just wakes up on his own. That is, if he even sleeps. He really lives by inspiration. I gave him a quiz to see if he could figure out the time without a clock. He thought for a second, and then guessed the "exact" time. He's crazy smart/slash amazingly talented at everything he does. I love the way he taught us to do contacts. That is something that will really help us as we continue to do the Lord's work. We had a really GREAT time! I loved it because he was just like one of our friends, really. Only he had a lot more knowledge than any of us could comprehend. We wouldn't let him go to bed. We just kept asking him more and more questions. In companionship study he told us a little bit about his personal study. He can just interpret and understand the scriptures on such a deep level. It's crazy and well, kind of hard not to be a little "jealous"!

Funny story...I'm retarded! I left my camera in the "cyber" last Monday and realized it about 6 blocks away. I ran back and booked it up the stairs and a kid turned around fast with a scared look on his face. He extended his arm out and handed me my camera but didn't say anything. It was funny! I have good news...we are having a mission soccer tournament week 4 of this transfer. I'm pretty excited about it. So, when am I going to have more neices and nephews? I want to have a bunch when I get, you know the as Nephi did!

I'm learning to play the piano again (could this be a mission miracle??? I begged him not to quit!) Could you send me some Bastian flash cards? Elder McConkadonk plays well so he's teaching me and says that those flash cards would be killer!

Well, I love you all and I am really looking forward to our week. I'm glad to be staying with Elder McConkie this transfer. We should have at least 3 more baptisms coming up.

You're always in my prayers, and please, never go inactive it's so stupid! Espcially for a stupid reason...well any reason is stupid if ya think about it!
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Venna said...

I'm so thankful for great mission Presidents! Thank you President and Hermana Asay for your wonderful service to our missionaries!